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1. Arrival and Checking In

a. Registration

Directly upon arrival, our Guests are invited to go to the Reception with one valid personal identification document per Guest to fill in the form for registration with the State Police (obligatory by law) and to take due note of the internal rules and regulations.

b. Hours for the Reception and Cash Register Desk

These offices are open to the public from 8 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm during the entire period the campsite is open. During this same time, the Cash Register Desk will be open for business from 8 am to 12 noon while registration is possible from 8 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

c. The Lots

Each camping lot will be assigned by the Direction which, depending on the situation at hand, will be able to take into consideration any special requests the Guest may have. Reservation of a lot will only guarantee the Guest's stay in a space which is available at the time of arrival. The installment and setting up of equipment for more than one camping unit per lot will not be permitted unless otherwise stated by the Direction.

d. The Lodging Units

The Direction reserves the right to decide on assignation of typology of lodging (bungalow, mobile home) according to the customer's preferences which however cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore the Direction reserves the right to modify any preference without notice, on the basis of availability. The daily rate includes only one parking space per car; any eventual second car will be counted separately (if car park available). The assignation of a lodging unit is guaranteed from 5 pm. The estimated cost of the stay, in any case, must be paid at arrival at the Camping Blu. In the case of any delay in arrival, without notice, the reservation remains valid until 12 noon of the next day.

e. Motorcycles

It is forbidden to drive motorcycles on the grounds of the site. The only exception made will be for the initial unloading upon arrival and loading at departure time.

2. During the Stay

a. Variations in the Guest's Presence

The Guest must notify the Direction of any prolonged absence as well as his or her return from such an absence. Not observing this rule will bring about the forfeiture of any exemption from payment for the temporary absence period (option which however is not allowed for the bungalows).

b. Visits

During the stay, any eventual visitors must be admitted by the Reception Office and will only be allowed to enter the grounds after leaving identification documents at the Desk; it is forbidden to enter with pets or motor vehicles. Visiting hours are from 8 am to 10 pm.

c. Internal Viability

Motorcycles and any other motorized vehicle are strictly forbidden (unless authorised by the Direction). Driving on the grounds inside the site is not permitted from 12 midnight to 7 am and from 2 pm to 4 pm under any circumstance. Any vehicles moving on the grounds must go at walking pace and their presence in the park shall be strictly limited to unloading and loading. It is recommended that cyclists go at moderate speeds for their own safety and the safety of others.

d. Rest Time

From 2 pm until 4 pm and from 12 midnight until 7 am all loud noise which might in any way disturb the Guests is severely prohibited. This includes radios, TV, stereos and musical instruments. Between 10 pm and 7 am and between 2 pm and 4 pm tents and camper verandas must not be put up or taken down.

e. Custody of Children

The Direction of the campsite does not control the Guests' movements in the site. In particular, children and their custody are left to the parents or others entrusted by the parent, as the sole persons responsible – even in the eventual involvement of a third party or with the property of the campsite, whereby the Management is in no way whatsoever responsible. The Management will however do its utmost to see that children not cause any damage and do not come into contact with any danger inside the campsite or during use of the playground area. In the swimming pool zone, the specific rules and regulations for that area must be observed. Playing ball is prohibited between tents, on the roads and in the pool area.

f. Hygienic Regulations

The cleaning service at the Camping Blu is highly efficient and we invite the Guests to collaborate in keeping the site clean and in order as much as possible. Waste must be separated in well-closed disposal bags and left in the designated containers; In respect for the environment, separating waste correctly (according to the indications supplied by the Direction) makes disposal just that much easier. Sinks and washbasins must be used according to the indicated regulations. The sanitary facilities must also be used appropriately. Any eventual damage from incorrect use of the sanitary facilities will be at the Guest's expense. We would like to remind the Guest that chemical WCs shall only be emptied in the appropriate disposal area found in the various service blocks and the designated area near the main entrance. To use the Nursery and hygienic facilities for the disabled, Guests are kindly requested to come to the Reception to collect the keys. Guests are requested to kindly keep the lots clean and in order just as found upon arrival. Bed sheets must be used on all beds in the lodging units. No smoking allowed in the housing units. Car washing is forbidden.

g. The Surgery

First aid inside the campsite. Any suspect of infectious disease should be promptly announced to the Direction at the Camping Blu. The Camping Blu Direction will personally notify the interested party of the doctor's arrival.

h. Insurance and Internal Safety

The Direction declines all responsibility whatsoever for theft, accidents or damage to persons or things, as well as any damage caused by storms, hail, falling trees or limbs including those of any plants, epidemics, fires or Acts of God and circumstances beyond one's control etc.

i. Damage, Theft and Lost Objects

The Direction is not responsible for any eventual damage to, theft or loss of the property of the Guests. Whoever, under any circumstance, damages or steals objects which are the property of the holiday park will be held responsible for compensation or refund of any damage caused and for the restitution, when possible, of the objects. If the Guest finds any lost or forgotten object belonging to another Guest, he or she is kindly asked to return that object to the Direction.

l. Breakdowns

The Guest is kindly asked to notify the Direction of any breakdown or functional problem in any of the equipment, facilities or fixtures of the holiday park.

m. Messages and Correspondence

Telephone and other messages will be posted on the special message board to be found at the Reception. Each Guest is invited to check the board for messages herself or himself. Letters at the Reception, addressed to our Guests will only be delivered to adults. After 7 days any unclaimed correspondence will be returned to the sender.

n. Fires and Barbecue

It is forbidden to light fires on the grounds or in any other part of the common space. Use of the barbecue is permitted in the barbecue area only providing the Guest duly put out the fire after use.

o. Signs inside the Holiday Park

All information and indications on signs and notices in the holiday park must be respected.

p. Animals

Pets are not admitted in mobile homes and flats.

3. Departure and Checking Out

a. The Camping Lots

Guests must pay the bill at check in time during the Cash Register Desk's business hours from 8 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm. Guests must check out between 8 am and 12 noon; otherwise, the entire day will be counted on the bill - that is the daily rate for the camping space, as well as per person - independently of the Guest's check in time.

b. The Lodging Units

Any breakage or missing objects will be detracted from the 200 Euros damage deposit which must be paid upon arrival. Guests remaining in the holiday park after 10 am must pay the entire daily rate for the lodging unit as well as for the vehicle. Even if the Guest does not stay for the entire period booked - for delayed arrival or early departure – the entire period must be paid.
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